NYC Fatherhood Initiative and the Borough Coalitions:

The NYC Fatherhood Initiative promotes and coordinates the City’s various and related efforts to engage and support fathers. The Initiative understands the importance of including the community in identifying and developing the solutions to the issues facing fathers.

 The Fatherhood Borough Coalitions will be the City’s partners in outreaching to and engaging fathers in the communities and neighborhoods where they live.

The purposes of a Fatherhood Borough Coalition are:

To connect the City to fathers in the communities where they live;
To serve as a credible messenger for City initiatives;
To provide feedback and input to the City on efforts to support fathers in communities; and
To refer fathers to relevant resources, programs, and supports.

General Expectations of a Fatherhood Borough Coalition:

A Fatherhood Borough Coalition will employ a variety of strategies and activities to realize its purposes as outlined above. The general expectations of a Fatherhood Borough Coalition are to:

             1). Identify, outreach to, and engage fathers in the community, including those that already interact with the city and those that have                      not interacted with the city previously;
             2). Disseminate city agency information to fathers in the community;
             3). Provide information and referral to fathers in the community who are looking for or may need guidance, assistance, and/or                                 support;
            4). Map and inventory fatherhood assets and resources in the community;
            5). Solicit regular input and feedback from the community on behalf of city agencies;
            6). Develop and maintain a presence and visibility in the community;
            7). Participate in citywide fatherhood campaigns and outreach efforts (such as Dads Take Your Child to School Day);
            8). Develop and implement community-specific outreach campaigns/efforts to engage fathers in the community;
             9). Participate in regular Fatherhood Initiative network meetings;
           10).Promote diversity, inclusivity, volunteerism, and peer-to-peer sharing; and
           11). Raise and secure its own resources needed to support its efforts.

 Requirements to be a Fatherhood Borough Coalition:

Fatherhood Borough Coalitions that are associated with this initiative will:

  •  Show a commitment to the purposes of the Fatherhood Initiative (e.g., in their mission statements)
  • Have a Steering Committee (or similar kind of entity) that meets at least four times a year and is representative of the diverse neighborhoods in the borough
  • Organize and run at least 3 efforts that outreach to and engage fathers in the community
  • Track a set of outputs that illustrate the coalition’s efforts and reach, such as:

  1. Number of fathers on “mailing” list
  2. Number of activities/events organized
  3. Attendance at events
  4. Number of referrals to agencies, organizations, programs
  5. Number of new and existing fatherhood assets in the community

 Support from the Fatherhood Initiative:

Participating in the Fatherhood Initiative can benefit the Fatherhood Borough Coalitions by providing:

  • Access to centralized lists of City resources and programs
  • Connection to possible opportunities for mini-grants
  • Connection to possible opportunities for trainings
  • Connection to city agency liaisons
  • Help navigating City systems and processes
  • Recognition of the coalition’s efforts
  • Help publicizing coalition’s events and activities

Examples of possible Fatherhood Borough Coalition activities:

Some examples of possible Fatherhood Borough Coalition activities are:

  • Connecting with faith-based networks
  • Engaging in a barber shop outreach campaign to engage fathers at barber shops
  • Hosting a Daddy-Daughter Dance
  • Sponsoring or running a workshop on parenting skills for fathers
  • Participating in a domestic violence awareness campaign
  • Organizing an activity during Child Abuse Prevention Month (April)
  • Participating in the Talk to Your Baby Campaign (e.g., Baby Shower Initiative)
  • Collaborating with the Community Partnership Program
  • Organizing a feedback session for fathers on City campaigns and initiatives

Communications and networking

Borough coalitions will communicate most closely and directly with the Fatherhood Working Group (which will serve as the coordinating nexus with City partners and the borough coalitions). In addition, there will be regular meetings of the entire network so that individuals and coalitions from different borough can interact with each other, share both success stories and challenges, engage in collective problem-solving, and plan broad events and activities.


Framework for Borough Coalitions 

The History of the 5 Borough Coalition.

Responsible Fatherhood Coalition Town Hall Discussions and Awards Events

The Responsible Fatherhood Coalition (RFC) in collaboration with various community

and government organizations through the support and partnership of the Young Men’s

Initiative (YMI) would like to host a series of Community School town Hall Award

ceremonies’ in recognition of outstanding father/father figures across the five boroughs of New York City.  These city wide coordinated events will help to bring awareness to men living within these various neighborhoods, while developing strategies to overcome barriers and policies that have hindered men throughout their communities.  We are hopeful that these events will continue to consolidate the efforts between city agencies, local schools, community based organizations (CBO) and father/father figures.

     The members of the coalition are proposing to celebrate and award fathers / father figures within the community for their service and hard work they have render to their families and the neighborhood. This will be in conjunction with the school’s parent coordinators, local grass root, male community and governmental organizations.

     In addition to the awards, we plan to hold solution based community listening tours on topics facing father / men within the community.  The goals will be to develop a local community strategy to address some of the issues that are relevant to the men of the community, while looking at common problems that permeate across the city. Through the borough Coalition:

                  1)To bring like-minded grass root organizations together to work on strategies that can assist and inform the YMI

                     working group on how to overcome barriers and policies that still exist within the communities.

                  2)This gathering will allow the Coalition to help demystify and educate the fathers / men of the community on                                                            policies and barriers that have been removed which men of the community may not know about.  

                  3)This will allow the local community to recognize father/ men of the community for their service to the                                                                       neighborhood.   


                 4)This will be a kick off to develop community meetings in an effort to emerge a larger community coalition within                                                    each borough.  The initial goal will create a unified collaboration of men from various groups for a credible partnership of 

                     the cities male initiatives.

                 5)Connect local fathers / men organization to schools that

 These community event / town hall discussions will take place throughout the months of July and August. Leading up to the Mayor’s Dad’s Matter Awards, and this year’s 9th annual Dads Take Your Child To School Day on September 20, 2016.